Albus Brooks

Former Denver City Councilmember

Denver, CO

Albus Brooks represents the 9th district of the City and County of Denver. He has three focus areas, housing, economic development, and opportunity youth.

1. Housing: Councilmember Brooks co-sponsored legislation for Denver to adopt its first affordable housing fund in its history, which is also the largest fund in the State of Colorado. The fund will be a fee on "New" development and small increase on property taxes which will produce 150 million over 10 years, giving the city 6,000 units.

2. Economic Development: Denver's largest economic enterprise is Denver International Airport. It is the 5th busiest airport in the US and 15 Internationally with a yearly economic impact of over 20 Billion. Councilmember Brooks has a focus to drive international travel to DIA, and is currently working on a Non-Stop flight from Denver to Dubai UAE.

3. Opportunity Youth: These are young people in Denver who are between the ages of 19-21 who have dropped out of High School and fallen between the cracks. Every year Councilmember Brooks runs a job fair for these young men and women in partnership with the city's Office of Economic Development.