Rebecca Chavez-Houck

Former Representative

Salt Lake City, UT

Pro-Growth Progressive Idea: Making sure that all communities have access to skills and entrepreneurship training.


Rebecca Chavez-Houck has represented Salt Lake City in the Utah House of Representatives since 2008 where she focuses on public policy related to health and human services as well as voter engagement and access. She currently serves as House Minority Assistant Whip.

Rebecca served as a public affairs staffer for a number of local Utah nonprofits from 1985 to 2007 and cultivated a parallel “career” as a volunteer for nonprofits ranging from Envision Utah to the ACLU to Planned Parenthood Association of Utah. She has taught volunteer engagement classes as adjunct faculty for the University of Utah’s MPA program.

Pro-Growth Progressive Ideas Shared


Utah has had a particular problem with diminishing voter participation. A number of citizens have said they simply want options as to how they cast their ballots: some want to vote by mail, others prefer to participate in early voting, yet others enjoy the activity of voting at their neighborhood precincts on Election Day.


Casting a ballot is the most direct method by which citizens can impact their government. By making it easier and more accessible to vote, states can increase voter participation states and restore citizen trust in government. Rep. Chavez-Houck initiated an Election Day Voter Registration Pilot Program in Utah, where counties can opt-in to test and see how viable same day registration is in the state. This approach addresses some concerns about the funding and impact of this program on the state by testing it out first to see what works and learning the best ways to engage more citizens to participate in each election.