Anthony Daniels

House Minority Leader

Huntsville, AL

Anthony Daniels currently represents the 53rd District in the Alabama State House of Representatives and is the youngest and first African American Minority Leader of the Alabama House of Representatives.

Rep. Daniels is proud to be part of what NewDEAL stands for and he looks forward to helping his district, state, and nation grow by sharing ideas with like-minded people. A progressive economic plan is How We Grow in Alabama. His Growler Bill, passed in 2016, allows local microbreweries to sell growlers, increase revenue, and hire people, basically a small business expansion bill. He and his colleagues introduced a Farm to schools bill. This bill gives local farmers an opportunity to sell directly to school systems, up to 150,000 worth of food and produce. Together with his fellow progressive leaders, he will continue to push for smart, pro-growth policies that benefit all Americans.

Pro-Growth Progressive Ideas Shared


With so many technological advances, the needs of the workforce are constantly changing. It is imperative that our student's education caters to those needs and students have the skills to thrive outside of the classroom. Many companies have to look outside of the state to fill high-level jobs in the field of engineering and cyber technology because that has not been the focus of the curriculum in Alabama. If we want to develop a workforce skilled at creating new technology with strong cyber networks that can’t be comprised, we must teach those skills and invest in the next generation of innovators from an early age.


Alabama will open a new technology- driven magnet school, the Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering, for gifted students grade 7-12 from all across the state to develop a young workforce skilled at creating innovative technology with strong cyber networks that can’t be compromised. The school will also assist teachers, administrators, & superintendents across the state in replicating the curriculum in schools all across the state so that all students will develop the skills that are in high demand to be competitive in the current workforce.