Kerry Donovan


Vail, CO

Kerry Donovan was elected to the Colorado State Senate in November 2014 to represent Senate District 5, which includes seven counties on the Western Slope, the upper Arkansas Valley of Colorado, and her hometown of Vail. As Senator, Kerry has tackled a wide variety of issues to help build a Colorado that works for everyone -- including economic development in rural areas, access to quality public education, renewable energy, conservation of Colorado’s wildlife and landscape, and access to public lands. Kerry currently serves on the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee, and the Senate Local Government Committee.

Prior to being elected Senator, Kerry served on the Vail Town Council for four years, and served on a number of other town commissions. She also worked for worked for several community-focused nonprofits, and served as the Director of Academics for the Ski and Snowboard Club Vail. When she's not at the Capitol or meeting with constituents in her district, Kerry runs her small family ranch where she raises cattle and grows vegetables for local restaurants.

Pro-Growth Progressive Ideas Shared


Small communities are impacted by job loss more significantly that urban areas because families often leave town in search of new jobs. This puts stress on schools, Main Street small businesses, and health care providers. Slowly, the town begins to struggle to even exist. Small towns also do not have the resources to search for and coordinate the many state and federal programs that may be able to help them solve the problem.


REACT is targeted at helping towns experiencing substantial job loss. REACT would coordinate non-monetary assistance and award grant money to assist rural communities with job creation or retention. This helps towns take advantage of existing state programs with the state's help, rather than requiring new sources of funding for new projects that may still not reach towns in need.