Adrian Fontes

County Recorder

Maricopa County, AZ

Elected to his first political office in November, 2016, Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes is responsible for the third largest voting jurisdiction in the U.S.
containing 2.5 million voters, nearly 2/3 of Arizona's total electorate. Recorder Fontes is an Arizona native born and raised on the border in Nogales, Arizona where billions of dollars of trade flow every year. He is a Marine Corps Veteran, Lawyer and small business owner with a deep love of family and our Constitution.

Improving the voter's experience, system accountability and security are not just approaches to good government and better elections, they are good business. Within his first year in office Recorder Fontes led the development of the unique and award winning SiteBook technology for voters showing that his focus on developing his staff through listening leadership is a solid first step in growing ideas and generating efficiency from the experts already on the ground. Working to speed-up land recording transactions, Recorder Fontes also hopes to more quickly free monies suspended during traditional transaction wait times, and get those funds out into development projects more efficiently, through the use of Artificial Intelligence in the near future.