Mike Frerichs


Statewide, IL

Mike Frerichs was elected Illinois State Treasurer in 2014. As an Illinois State Senator from 2008 to 2014, he served an active voice on behalf of Illinois’ farming community as Chairman of the Agricultural Committee, advocating for advancements in clean bio fuels.

During his time in the legislature, Mike focused on a number of ideas to spur economic growth.  He led an effort to improve tax incentives that encourage businesses to locate in high unemployment areas; he worked to increase science and math education standards in Illinois high schools; and he championed the Emerging Technology Industries Act, a bill that would provide grants to private-sector entities that grow jobs through innovations in medicine or science.

Prior to running for office, Mike taught at his alma mater high school and managed a local safety engineering company, Smart Structures. Later he was elected twice to the Champaign County Board and spent more than four years as Champaign County Auditor, where he became a Certified Public Finance Officer, the only elected Auditor to receive that designation in the state. Mike also served as a volunteer firefighter and on the board of a local nursing home.

Pro-Growth Progressive Ideas Shared


Government investment officers face difficult choices. Not only do they seek investments that are safe and high-performing, but they seek – and their constituents demand – investments that are responsible. They seek investments that not only strengthen the economic well-being of their community, but they seek investments that reflect their community’s values, contribute to admirable ends, and advance the greater public interest. 

The problem is that traditional investment strategies fail to incorporate these priorities, often described as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. Traditional investing heavily relies on financial indicators, technical data, and short-term gains. While those factors are certainly necessary, government investment officers need a way to integrate additional factors into the investment process if they strive to fully execute their fiduciary duties. In other words, they need a new strategy, one that not only is good for business, but is also good for the community


Raising The Bar (RTB) represents the future of government investing. RTB is a highly replicable public investment strategy that empowers governments to maximize returns and reduce risk exposures all while focusing on corporate accountability, innovation, and the common good. The strategy also recognizes that sound environmental, social and governance policies are strongly related to safer, more innovative, better-performing companies.