Mark Hass


Beaverton, OR

Mark first served Oregon in the House and was later elected to the Senate in 2008. His priority in the legislature has been reforming Oregon’s tax structure so that it is less volatile and more stable. A key focus of his efforts has been to spur economic growth; thanks to Mark, Beaverton will now be able to offer businesses property tax abatement in exchange for significant investment and job creation. Additionally, he is a leader in innovative education programs that strengthen kindergarten programs and pilot year round education.

When he’s not serving in the legislature, Mark works as an account manager for Cappelli Miles, an advertising and brand identity firm. He is also a board member of the Northwest Health Foundation – a Portland based foundation that provides grants and assistance to health care projects.

Pro-Growth Progressive Ideas Shared


In the changing economy, it’s harder than ever to get a good-paying job with only a high school education, yet a growing number of high school graduates feel that they can’t afford a higher education. Unfortunately, it costs Oregon taxpayers an average of $14,000 per year for each unemployed young person they support.


Senator Hass wants to make it free for high school graduates to take community college classes so that they can earn technical skills or get a head start on a four year degree. Since two years of community college is cheaper than a lifetime of food stamps, he hopes to fund the program through federal Pell grants as well as future savings from students who would no longer need to rely on more expensive safety net programs.