Jason Kander

Former Secretary of State

Kansas City, MO

Pro-Growth Progressive Idea: Launching the Business Outreach Office to provide tools to small business owners to start and grow their businesses


Jason Kander was sworn in as Secretary of State in January 2013 as the youngest statewide elected official in the country. A former U.S. Army Captain, Jason is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. Prior to his election as Secretary of State, he practiced law and represented Kansas City in the Missouri General Assembly. After the terrorist attacks on September 11th, Jason enlisted in the National Guard and later volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan. His job was to investigate corruption in the Afghan government. When Jason came home and got elected, he went to work fighting corruption in his state capital. As a state legislator, Jason worked with both parties to pass ethics reform legislation, and as a member of the House Budget Committee, he worked across the aisle to balance the budget each year.

Since becoming Secretary of State, Jason has worked to eliminate bureaucracy and make the services his office provides easier for Missourians to use. He created the Business Outreach Office to connect small business owners with the resources they need, an online voter registration form to make registering to vote more convenient, and The Missouri Channel to archive all legislative debate for the first time. Jason has also worked to make his office the most transparent and accessible in Missouri state government.

Pro-Growth Progressive Ideas Shared


Previously, active duty service members had limited voting options because they lacked access to a fast and safe way to cast their ballots. There are currently 84,000 members of the military who are eligible to vote but often are not able to because of such barriers.


Secretary Kander created an online, secure voting portal to expand voting opportunities for active duty service members and eligible Missouri voters who reside overseas. This simple and fast online portal makes it easy for eligible voters to participate and helps voting centers back home easily collect their ballots. The portal ensures no eligible Missouri voter, serving their country or residing overseas, is deprived of the right to vote.