Zach Klein

City Attorney

Columbus, OH

Zach Klein joined the Columbus City Council in January 2011 and serves as the chair of the Development and Recreation & Parks committees. Before joining the City Council, Zach worked as an attorney managing multi-million dollar budgets while working to prosecute those who prey upon vulnerable residents. Zach believes that the City of Columbus can compete with other metropolitan areas by offering a vibrant nightlife, a diverse community, an education base, and a hub for the sciences. Zach believes Columbus must continue its investment to aggressively market the city to attract and retain businesses of all sizes.

Zach understands that one of the paths to economic growth and prosperity is exploring ways to maintain its AAA bond rating, which will save taxpayer dollars. He also believes the City of Columbus should continue to examine the way it delivers essential city services, such as police and fire protection, to ensure maximum efficiency.

Pro-Growth Progressive Ideas Shared


Many economically disadvantaged neighborhoods are home to entrepreneurs who have the time and energy to help turn their neighborhoods around, but who don’t have access to funding.


Councilmember Klein convened a group of small business owners, the local Chamber of Commerce, and local non-profits to determine which investments would make the most impact to revitalize disadvantaged neighborhoods and then designed a set of grants and loans to fund streetscape and building improvements, as well as start-up loans to create new jobs.