Janette Millin Young

Former US Virgin Islands Senator

U.S. Virgin Islands

On November 2, 2010, Sen. Millin Young was elected to serve in the 29th Legislature of the Virgin Islands, and was sworn into office on January 10, 2011. She served as the Senate’s Chairman of the Committee on Education, Youth and Culture. She served as the 30th Legislature’s Legislative Secretary and Chair of the Committee on Economic Development, Agriculture, and Planning. Re-elected to her third term in November 2014, the senator is the 31st Legislature’s vice president and continues to chair the Committee on Economic Development, Agriculture and Planning. In August 2015, Senator Millin Young was elected to serve as the National Council of State Legislature’s Eastern Region Representative of the Women’s Legislative Network.

Before her election, she published a local monthly magazine, worked in journalism and communications, spent time working for the Virgin Islands Legislature and Department of Health, and also worked in the Governor's Office in communications and public relations.