Brittany Pettersen


Lakewood, CO

Brittany Pettersen assumed office in 2013. Before running for office, Pettersen worked for New Era Colorado, a nonprofit that seeks to increase youth participation in politics and the government process. As a legislator, Pettersen has championed legislation to assist Colorado’s students and families, such as expanding tuition assistance and access to affordable child care. In 2013, Pettersen focused on making it easier for Coloradans to receive an education, sponsoring a bill cutting red-tape to make it easier for Coloradans to put their income tax returns into a college savings account.

Pro-Growth Progressive Ideas Shared


Unfortunately, in Colorado and across the nation, students are prioritized differently based on the type of school they attend, not the needs of the student.


I wrote and passed landmark legislation to create transparency around how we fund our schools locally, and ensuring that students are not treated differently just because of the type of schools they attend. My legislation also gives school boards the flexibility they need to ensure that historically disadvantaged student populations can and should receive more funding, but that they should not be treated differently because of their choice of school.