Sean Scanlon


Guilford, CT

Sean Scanlon is the State Representative for the 98th District of Connecticut. The son of a police officer and small business owner, Sean graduated from Boston College and served as Victim Advocate in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office before joining the staff of Senator Chris Murphy in 2009.

Since being elected in 2014, Sean has led the legislature's effort to combat Connecticut's opioid epidemic and became a leading voice on issues of mental health and addiction. He has sponsored and passed legislation limiting first-time opioid prescriptions to seven days and requiring first responders to carry Narcan. Sean is the chairman of the Insurance and Real Estate committee and serves on the Public Health and Transportation committees.

Pro-Growth Progressive Ideas Shared

Popular ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft were operating in Connecticut cities and towns without any regulation.
After meeting with consumer protection advocates and representatives of the companies for two years, I crafted legislation establishing common sense regulations for ride-share companies like background checks for drives, vehicle safety inspections, minimum insurance standards and bans on surge pricing during severe weather or emergencies. The bill became law in 2017 and, in the end, was publicly supported by both Uber and Lyft proving that government and business can work together in the best interest of consumers.