Bryon Short

Former Representative

Wilmington, DE

Bryon Short began his career as a caseworker under then-Congressman Tom Carper. After years of working in the public sector, he took his proactive approach to service to the private sector.  Bryon created a successful small business from scratch, and currently works in Wilmington rejuvenating neighborhoods.  Bryon has worked hard to improve his community by turning vacant parking lots and dilapidated abandoned buildings into working class homes that match the character of their community.

In 2007, Bryon returned to public service and was elected as a State Representative.  After his election, Bryon worked closely with Governor Jack Markell to pass a bold plan to make Delaware’s budget more sustainable, coupling smart investments in education, clean energy, and public safety with measures to reduce waste and fraud in government programs.  Bryon is also the Co-Chair of the Delaware House Small Business Caucus, which works to find new ways to support the efforts of small businesses to grow Delaware’s economy.

Pro-Growth Progressive Ideas Shared


Many business owners are burdened by the need to comply with numerous regulations, spending too much time filling out duplicate information for various forms/permits and taking time away from managing and expanding their business.


Rep. Short believes that utilizing cloud computing can streamline Delaware’s permit process to support existing businesses and further business start-ups by helping them identify what they need to be in compliance. He is proposing to allow state, county and municipal governments to download information for a business that is common in their applications for licenses and permits. This common information could be filled out once by the company and then uploaded for retrieval by authorized entities that would then be able to have their required forms/permits/licensing auto-filled, saving time and resources.


Historically, research and development incentives in Delaware have supported larger established companies. While these larger companies are vital to the state, smaller businesses and startups usually need more resources as they are starting out to remain competitive and expand their business efforts.


Rep. Short introduced legislation to reform the R&D Tax credit program in Delaware so that it will drive more of the resources to smaller start-up companies. By refocusing the credit toward smaller businesses and startups, this bill incentivizes innovation and growth in emerging industries that are critical to enhancing Delaware's competitiveness and increasing the opportunity for job growth. If passed, the bill will improve the business climate for existing small businesses and attract new businesses to Delaware.