Michael Tubbs


Stockton, CA

Michael Tubbs emerged with a new wave of social and political reform when, at the age of 26, he was elected as the youngest and first African American mayor of his hometown of Stockton, California in 2016. During his time as mayor and when previously serving on the Stockton’s City Council since 2012, Tubbs has championed reforms to improve police-community relations, increase investment into underserved areas of Stockton, and increase opportunities for youth upward mobility.

As he was in the midst of campaigning for Stockton’s City Council, Tubbs was completing his master’s degree in in Policy, Leadership, and Organization Studies at Stanford University, where he also completed his undergraduate studies attending on a need-based scholarship. Tubbs has also been honored as a City of Stockton Architect of Peace and a Truman Scholar for his commitment to public service. Using his enthusiasm for local politics, Tubbs has focused his legislative initiatives under his #ReinventStockton campaign, becoming a catalyst for positive change as he takes on his greatest challenge of reinventing the streets of his childhood.