New Bedford Wind Energy Center


The OSW industry needs all-purpose ports like New Bedford to make available their infrastructure, business networks, political influence in order to develop rapidly and offset the Northeast's reliance on fossil fuels.


The mission of the NB-WEC, a sub-agency of the New Bedford Economic Development Council, is to coordinate the resources of various local and state agencies, along with businesses in the maritime fields, toward this end. New Bedford is the perfect place for these efforts as it is the closest port to the largest wind energy areas in the U.S. and is the country's largest commercial fishing port, with dozens of businesses that potentially could serve the wind industry. The NB-WEC partners with the New Bedford Port Authority, the City, institutions of higher education, and others (1) to ensure New Bedford's maritime infrastructure is relevant and useful for the wind industry, (2) to protect the fishing industry's interests are honored, (3) to promote local, state and federal policies that are favorable to the wind industry, (4) to provide for appropriate workforce training, (5) to facilitate land acquisition for industry operations, and (6) to deepen the relationships with wind developers and other industry leaders.

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