NewDEAL Election Wrap-up

NewDEAL Election Wrap-Up

Yesterday's election was a critical one for our country, as so many Americans rallied to reject the politics of fear and division. Now, it's vital that leaders respond by focusing on what unites us and by getting to work solving the major challenges facing our country.

We are thrilled that NewDEAL Leaders across the country -- state and local leaders who ran campaigns on solving problems and bringing people together -- had a fantastic night, with a new Governor, 3 new members of Congress, and 4 others winning new offices, while 100% of NewDEALers won their re-election bids. We were also proud to see NewDEAL friend and New Democrat Coalition member Congressman Jared Polis win the Colorado Governorship! More successes may still come -- there are still 3 key NewDEALer races to be called in Georgia, Nevada, and Utah. See below for NewDEALers moving to new seats and races to keep an eye on.

With the election behind us and the focus returning to governing, we look forward to promoting NewDEAL Leaders' bold ideas for a policy agenda that moves us forward and expands opportunity for everyone in the new economy by addressing the future of work, fighting the impacts of climate change, and more.

Please see below for detailed results, and don't forget to purchase your ticket for this year's 8th Annual Leaders Conference, where you can join dozens of NewDEALers and other thought leaders to assess the new political landscape and a pro-growth progressive governing agenda that can lead our country forward.


NewDEAL Leaders Who Won Election for New Offices


Races Too Close to Call


NewDEAL Leaders Who Won Re-Election

Anthony Daniels (House Minority Leader, Huntsville, AL) * Steven Reed (Probate Judge, Montgomery County, AL) * Chris Cabaldon (Mayor, West Sacramento, CA) * Adam Gray (Representative, Merced, CA) * Bob Hertzberg (Senator, Los Angeles, CA) * Alex Padilla (Secretary of State, CA) * Libby Schaaf (Mayor, Oakland, CA) * Jeff Bridges (Representative, Greenwood Village, CO) * Kerry Donovan (Senator, Vail, CO) * Bob Duff (Senator, Norwalk, CT) * Cristin McCarthy Vahey (Representative, Fairfield, CT) * Sean Scanlon (Representative, Guilford, CT) * Caroline Simmons (Representative, Stamford, CT) * Loranne Ausley (Representative, Tallahassee, FL) * Margaret Good (Representative, Sarasota, FL) * Scott Holcomb (Representative, Atlanta, GA) * Elena Parent (Senator, Atlanta, GA) * Scott Saiki (Speaker of the House, Honolulu, HI) * Mat Erpelding (Representative, Boise, ID) * Ilana Rubel (Representative, Boise, ID) * Mike Frerichs (State Treasurer, IL) * Bridget Gainer (County Commissioner, Cook County, IL) * Heather Steans (Senator, Chicago, IL) * Dan Forestal (Representative, Indianapolis, IN) * Brandon Whipple (Representative, Wichita, KS) * Greg Fischer (Mayor, Louisville, KY) * Chris Harris (Representative, Forest Hills, KY) * Eric Lesser (Senator, Longmeadow, MA) * Bill Ferguson (Senator, Baltimore, MD) * Brooke Lierman (Delegate, Baltimore, MD) * Hans Riemer (County Council President, Montgomery County, MD) * Steve Simon (Secretary of State, MN) * Chaz Beasley (Representative, Charlotte, NC) * Jay Chaudhuri (Senator, Raleigh, NC) * Brian Turner (Representative, Asheville, NC) * Teresa Benitez-Thompson (Assemblymember, Reno, NV) * Jason Frierson (Assembly Majority Leader, Las Vegas, NV) * Daniele Monroe-Moreno (Assemblymember, North Las Vegas, NV) * Michael Blake (Assemblymember, New York City, NY) * David Buchwald (Assemblymember, White Plains, NY) * Jorge Elorza (Mayor, Providence, RI) * Nirva LaFortune (City Councilmember, Providence, RI) * Seth Magaziner (State Treasurer, RI) * Mike Stewart (Representative, Nashville, TN) * Jeff Yarbro (Senator, Nashville, TN) * Rafael Anchia (Representative, Dallas, TX) * Cesar Blanco (Representative, El Paso, TX) * Eric Johnson (Representative, Dallas, TX) * John Unger (Senator, Martinsburg, WV)

Congratulations to all the NewDEALers who stepped up to run for office in this important election!

The NewDEAL identifies, develops, and promotes pro-growth progressive state and local leaders and ideas.

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