January 31, 2012

Next Ten NewDEAL Leaders Announced

Today, Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland and U.S. Senator Mark Begich of Alaska announced that ten rising elected officials from across the country have been selected as the next group of NewDEAL Leaders for their work championing pro-growth progressive ideas, which range from streamlining government to making clean energy more affordable to connecting small businesses to university research.

The NewDEAL is a national network committed to highlighting pro-growth progressive state and local elected leaders from across the country and their innovative ideas to build broadly-earned, sustainable economic growth.

“Too often in DC, pro-growth and progressive goals are seen as opposed to each other.  But as former mayors, Governor O’Malley and I saw first hand how solutions that were both pro-growth andprogressive could help to grow the economy in a way that expands opportunity for everyone.  I am proud of the NewDEAL’s work to highlight these leaders from across the country with innovative ideas to build economic growth,” said Senator Begich, Honorary Co-Chair of the NewDEAL.

“Senator Begich and I have joined the NewDEAL because we believe that we need to look for fresh ideas not just from the top down in Washington DC, but also from the bottom up, where local leaders are developing and testing their ideas out on the ground,” said Governor O’Malley, Honorary Co-Chair of the NewDEAL.

The NewDEAL is recognizing ten leaders who hail from diverse regions of the country.  Those ten are:

Columbia (SC) Mayor Steve Benjamin, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sanford (ME) School Committee Member Adam Cote, Wisconsin Senator Julie Lassa, Boise City Councilmember LaurenMcLean, Virginia Delegate Mark Sickles, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, Flint Mayor Dayne Walling, and Newton (MA) Mayor Setti Warren.

The NewDEAL is committed to helping pro-growth progressive leaders share their innovative ideas on its interactive website, www.NewDEALLeaders.org.  The public is encouraged to nominate state and local elected leaders on our website and stay connected as we highlight more of their pro-growth progressive ideas.