New Leaders Council and NewDEAL to Partner on National Conversation on Innovative Progressive Policies

NLC to Develop Millennial Compact Governing Agenda; Policies from NewDEAL Innovative Ideas Contest to be Highlighted at September Conference


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May 2, 2017

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Dustin Robinson, NLC

Jonathon Dworkin, NewDEAL
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WASHINGTON (May 2, 2017) – New Leaders Council and NewDEAL announced today that they have partnered to empower the progressive movement’s emerging leaders who are setting the path forward in 2017 and onward. In the process of developing its Millennial Compact governing agenda, NLC will be engaging with NewDEAL, which is made up of 152 pro-growth progressive state and local officeholders, about policy solutions that have worked for state and local Democrats who are having success across the country.

“We can no longer afford to wait. With Washington broken, it is imperative that progressive leaders outside the Beltway develop a positive and ideas-driven narrative that puts people first. NLC’s Millennial Compact is a governing agenda set by the new generation, and we are honored to highlight and receive input from NewDEAL’s membership both as we develop our compact and at our climatic national conversation among state and local progressive leaders at the end of the summer,” said Mark Riddle, President of New Leaders Council.

Debbie Cox Bultan, NewDEAL Executive Director, added “Teaming up to combine the energy and passion of NLC with our network is very exciting and our leaders have a lot to contribute to the important discussion of how we ensure public policies meet the challenges of the new economy. This National Conversation will showcase many ideas that our leader have shown can help Democrats govern effectively while earning broad public support.”

The National Conversation will be in Chicago on September 14-16. NLC and NewDEAL are also teaming up for regional policy events in Atlanta, Boston, Houston and Los Angeles. The NLC Millennial Compact is a series of achievable policies and movement action items written by Millennial leaders across the country.

New Leaders Council was founded in 2006 and has trained over 4,000 leaders in its 48 chapters across the country. NLC focuses on developing progressives in non-traditional areas and from a cross-cutting background. Its membership is 60% non-white minority and 55% female. Currently, the NLC Institute is training 960 fellows through the 2017 fellowship class. The NLC Millennial Compact with America is a governing agenda written for and by millennials focusing on innovating our economy, innovating our communities and innovating our democracy.

NewDEAL was founded in 2011 and brings together state and local progressive elected officials committed to pro-growth policies, helping them develop and spread innovative ideas to spur economic growth that is broadly-earned and sustainable. The organization facilitates the exchange of ideas among its 152 members from 46 states and connects them with other pro-growth progressive political, policy, and private sector leaders.

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