We need your help to find rising pro-growth progressive leaders.  Know an innovative elected leader who might want to join the NewDEAL? Introduce us!

We’re looking to connect a diverse group of leaders from across the country.  In particular, we’re looking for leaders who support pro-growth progressive ideas that:

  • Create broadly-earned, sustainable economic growth
  • Strengthen both economic security and opportunity
  • Encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, upward mobility, and personal savings
  • Make government more effective, efficient, accountable, and transparent
  • Help American workers and businesses become more competitive in the global economy
  • Advance the common good over special interests

We also want to connect leaders who:

  • Embody a high ethical standard
  • Engage in civil dialogue that recognizes opponents’ fundamental values
  • Demonstrate innovation and pragmatism without sacrificing core progressive principles

If the leader you know sounds like a good fit, please let us know a bit more about him or her:

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