PTSD Coverage for First Responders


There is an epidemic of first responders committing suicide in this country. This bill seeks to change the way that we deal with PTSD among them and remove the barriers to them seeking treatment. Additionally, when a peace officer is voluntarily committed for psychiatric help, their service weapon is taken away and they are not able to receive it back for six months - this prevents them from doing their job and earning a living and acts as an additional barrier to seeking help.


The legislation established eligibility requirements for police officers, fire fighters and parole officers to receive benefits for PTSD. The benefits are limited to 52 weeks available within a four year period from the qualifying event. The workers compensation benefits are decreased by any additional benefits that the individual is receiving (e.g. disability insurance). Allows law enforcement officers to receive their service weapon back before six months if they have been voluntarily committed to a psychiatric institution.

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