Resource Innovation Campus (RIC)


The Phoenix City Council has set a goal of Zero Waste by 2050, with an interim goal of diverting from the landfill 40% of trash generated in Phoenix by 2020. Through a partnership with Arizona State University’s Resource Innovation and Solutions Network, the City is focused on creating value and economic development opportunities from solid waste streams.


Repurposing existing resources, rather than mining non-renewable resources is a sustainable smart investment. To achieve Zero Waste, Phoenix is developing the Resource Innovation Campus. Located on approximately 40 acres of land adjacent to the City’s 27th Avenue Transfer Station, the RIC is key to “transforming trash into resources,” diverting materials from Phoenix’s waste stream to grow a circular economy that supports manufacturing innovation and job growth. The Campus attracts innovators with manufacturing processes and conversion technologies to use trash as a resource. These innovators are also fueling the generation of new manufacturing jobs at the RIC and throughout the community.

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