Spotlight: 2017 in Review


While the biggest policy changes out of Washington this year will involve a deficit busting party-line vote on tax cuts for those who need them the least at the expense of the middle class, NewDEAL Leaders across the country have spent the past 12 months taking a much different approach. Their laser-like focus on growing the economy for everyone and addressing the issues most affecting their communities has resulted in tangible progress for their constituents, like Rhode Island General Treasurer Seth Magaziner enabling 180 small business loans through $19 million in deposits to local banks. To strengthen and modernize the social safety net, Oregon Treasurer Tobias Read's OregonSaves initiative has created hundreds of thousands of dollars of retirement savings for Oregonians and Columbus, OH City Councilmember Elizabeth Brown has established paid family leave for city employees. Other achievements include Colorado Representative Brittany Pettersen leading passage of a series of laws to remove barriers to addiction treatment and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum starting a code academy that offers web development courses and helps workers enter the growing IT sector.

As we take a look back at the NewDEAL 2017 Spotlights, we celebrate the innovation happening at the state and local levels across the country, and look forward to continuing to promote the next generation of ideas and leaders in 2018.  If you are able to support this important work with a year-end gift, please donate here.



Mayor Greg Fischer’s Global Louisville Action Plan to attract, retain, grow, and support a thriving foreign-born population.

 Mar.pngTreasurer Mike Frerichs’ and Senator Daniel Biss’ work on Illinois’ Secure Choice program to increase access to retirement savings.


 Oregon Treasurer Tobias Read’s West Coast Infrastructure Exchange, created to spur innovative efforts to fund a wide range of regional infrastructure improvements.

May.pngModernizing the social safety net through initiatives like paid family leave, fair sick leave for all, and improved access to nutritious foods for low-income populations.

Jun.pngFighting climate change through clean transportation, clean energy, energy efficiency, improved infrastructure, and climate research projects.

Jul.pngBuilding a skills agenda to support a 21st century workforce through innovation hubs, apprenticeships and education, and opportunities for underserved youth.

Aug.pngAddressing the opioid crisis by providing better access to treatments, cleaning up abuses, citywide partnerships, safe drug disposal, and government accountability.

Sep.pngSpurring innovation and entrepreneurship through innovation vouchers, better access to capital, and elimination of fees that hamper entrepreneurs.

Oct.pngMaking government work better by employing big data to solve big problems, establishing public-private partnerships to address challenges in cost-effective ways, and supporting the right to vote.

Nov.pngFinally, at last month’s annual conference in Washington, we released The Way Forward: NewDEAL's most comprehensive policy platform of innovative ideas from across the country.


To see ideas from NewDEAL Leaders on a wide range of topics, visit the NewDEAL Ideas Portal, and visit our new Ideas Challenge Hub for more resources.

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