Spring '17 New Leaders

We're excited to introduce you to our Spring Class of NewDEAL Leaders, bringing the network of pro-growth progressives to 152 state and local elected leaders in 46 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands!

Announcing the group, NewDEAL Honorary Co-Chairs Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) and former Delaware Governor Jack Markell said, “We congratulate and applaud these terrific leaders, who have shown a dedication to developing pro-growth, progressive policies that increase economic opportunity for everyone.”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg from South Bend, IN, who joined the network in 2012 said, “It’s clear that we need new voices with fresh ideas and an ability to get things done to reinvigorate the Democratic Party and address the challenges that have the greatest impact on our constituents – in education, job creation, and more effective government services. I’m thrilled that this fantastic group will join this effort to keep our country moving forward."

We hope you'll take a moment today to welcome the NewDEAL Spring Class to the network on our Facebook page.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement as we work together to promote leaders and ideas working to grow the economy and expand opportunity for all!

Check out our Spring '17 New Leaders as a PDF

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Loranne Ausley
(Tallahassee, FL)

Megan Barry
(Nashville, TN)

Kate Bolz
(Lincoln, NE)

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Jeff Bridges
(Greenwood Village, CO)

Liz Brown
City Councilmember
(Columbus, OH)

 Christopher Cabaldon
(West Sacramento, CA)

 38e99149-50f0-462f-abc7-b3ec5ea6dfae.jpg  b907b7ed-909e-40a5-ba9d-0aac621e513d.jpg d1ea30e8-9524-458b-9c2d-aa761d1a65e7.jpg 

Anthony Daniels
(Huntsville, AL)

Jorge Elorza
(Providence, RI)

Mat Erpelding
House Minority Leader
(Boise, ID) 

 61c9a4bd-11df-490f-b815-d92c19fd661c.jpg  0a102eb9-1e50-4aae-bc87-5105d380cb85.jpg  d7b26df4-9eb1-42ae-88a4-20475847dbea.jpg

Ed Lee
(San Francisco, CA)

Jon Mitchell
(New Bedford, MA)

Levar Stoney
(Richmond, VA) 

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Michael Tubbs
(Stockton, CA)


Brian Turner
(Asheville, NC)


 To nominate a state or local pro-growth progressive elected official
for our Fall '17 class,
 please click here.

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