Staycationland: Co-working Spaces Revolutionize Tourism and Remote Employment


Maine is a rural state with a massive influx of visitors in the summer months. As our world becomes more and more digitized, the ability to work from home is a real possibility for many individuals. This includes those who visit Maine to enjoy our natural beauty, as found at Acadia National Park, the national monument at Katahdin, our many lakes, beaches, and ski resorts. Coworking spaces provide Mainers with the opportunity to avoid long commutes to office spaces, visitors with the ability to extend vacations for a few more days, and entrepreneurs with inexpensive space to generate their next venture.


In our ever-evolving digital world, businesses exist in many shapes and forms. Collaborative workspaces provide opportunities for start-ups to grow without the expense of costly and perhaps unnecessary traditional office space. In addition, professionals in these spaces often share ideas, best practices and expenses. It is no secret that Maine faces challenges with retaining and attracting young people to live and work here. These spaces are sought after by young professionals and are increasingly the cornerstones for communities revitalizing vacant spaces in downtowns. The Coworking Development Fund provides critical funding for the creation of more spaces in communities across Maine.

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