The Imporatance of Local Businesses


Grocery stores are vital to urban communities. They are needed to ensure that communities have the walkability and amenities that people young and old expect when they seek to live in a downtown area or neighborhood near a commercial corridor. They are also necessary in areas underserved by quality grocery stores where nutritional options are limited to cheaper, high-calorie, and less nutritious food.

Lansing has a need for a store in its downtown as well as some commercial corridor areas to ensure that residents and those we seek to attract have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy, and other grocery items.


As his final act as a State Representative, Andy Schor passed legislation that would provide incentive dollars for grocery stores in neighborhood and commercial areas where there is no other store within a mile.

As Mayor, Andy Schor is working with developers as well as adjusting zoning use and road patterns to bring in a major grocery store to serve the downtown, which is tremendously in need of this amenity to attract and retain residents and workers to the downtown area.

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